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There are two ways to submit a data story to the Data4America Editorial Board.

New submissions are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.

If selected, you’ll receive a $400 stipend from the Data4America organization.

Your content will also be promoted under the Data4America brand with the “created by” attribution going to you. It also may be syndicated to our media partners around the world.

The underlying data set for your story can also be open sourced by for an additional $100 stipend.

#1) Email your story along with your data visualization, data model, or infographic–to [email protected]. Include the Github or other hosted link to download your underlying data set. Ensure it’s 100% sourced and 100% accurate as we’ll reject any story with non-authoritative original data sources.

If published by the Data4America Editorial Board, you can receive an additional $100 stipend by making your data set open and available to the public for free download at

We’ll also respect your choice to keep your data set private and confidential.

#2) If your data story isn’t selected, you can still make your data set open source at If you do choose to make it open and our Editorial Board approves, we’ll promote your data on our properties with attribution going to you. You’ll also receive a $100 stipend.


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