A podcast exploring the intersection of government, technology, and the future.

Bradley Tusk

Technology and regulation, basic income, self-driving cars, Bloomberg vs. Kalanick and more.

Founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, Campaign Manager for Michael Bloomberg 2009 NYC Mayor, Campaign Manager for Uber vs. NYC in 2011.

Hosted by: Chris McCoy 

Dr. Sam Wang

Co-Founder @Princeton Election Consortium

The future of data science in polling, the 2016 Presidential Election, and more.

A podcast with Dr. Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium .

Hosted by: Patrick Ruffini  Chris McCoy 

Albert Wenger

Future of Jobs, Automation, and Basic Income.

A roundtable discussion with Albert Wenger , the author of World After Capital and a venture capitalist at Union Square Ventures.

Hosted by: Kim-Mai Cutler 

with Albert Wenger

with Gary Johnson

Hosted by: Chris McCoy Cyan Bannister

Coming to you LIVE from San Francisco with Data4America talking about my life story!

Posted by Gary Johnson on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Unplugged: Michael Gibson

Session 2

Co-founder and General Partner @1517 Fund, former VP Grants @Thiel Foundation, Oxford, writer @MIT Technology Review, poet-philosopher-VC

Hosted by: Chris McCoy

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LIVE: Keith Rabois

Keith is a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Khosla Ventures. He was a part of the early team at PayPal and has held executive positions at Linkedin, Slide, and Square.

Hosted by: Blake Masters

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LIVE: Scott Wiener

Scott is member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and current candidate for the California State Senate.

Hosted by: Kim-Mai Cutler

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Greg Ferenstein
Unplugged: Episode #1