Open Data Sets

Our team has curated more than 200 open and structured data sets, then organized them into a single directory for your storytelling on Data4America.

Each day we're publishing a new Dataset of the Day and sharing on social media.

Here's why we believe in open data repositories:

  1. They provide a source of insight and transparency into the domains and organizations that are represented by the data sets.
  2. They enable value creation across a variety of domains, using the data as the “fuel” for innovation, government transformation, new ideas, and new businesses.
  3. They offer a rich variety of data sets for data scientists to sharpen their data mining, knowledge discovery, and machine learning modeling skills.
  4. They allow many more eyes to look at the data and thereby to see things that might have been missed by the creators and original users of the data.
  5. They enable numerous “data for social good” activities (hackathons, citizen-focused innovations, public development efforts, and more).


Greg Ferenstein
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